What are you...
¿bear or urban?

A street menu with the masterful touch of Carlos García, served in a modern and vibrant atmosphere where it’s easy to get carried away.


At Ossadía we present local produce from a different point of view. America, Peru, Japan, Mexico… A journey in a perfect space awaits you!


CHEF Carlos García

If there is one thing that defines Carlos García’s cuisine, it is constancy, tenacity, avant-garde, elegance, a little bit of stubbornness and, of course, a handful of Dexcaro. Is this the perfect recipe or not?

Carlos has been in the kitchen for more than 10 years now, always with very high goals and clear objectives, the main one being to reach the top gastronomically and not to be afraid to say so!

His unquenchable thirst is transmitted in six words? The only way out is success!